Data Services

Make use of the Cloud to provide data storage, integration, processing, and analytics services through a network connection.

Data Governance
Data Consulting
Data Engineering
AI/ML Ecosystem
New Data Lakes

Data Services

Data & Analytics Offerings

One of the main obstacles for many companies is their own IT. A data and analytics strategy is not unlocked by legacy systems, fragmented technology, and localized, difficult-to-share data; rather, they are hampered by them. Few businesses have the luxury of delaying a new IT infrastructure for years. No business can afford to do nothing.

By developing a data and digital platform, we hasten transformation driven by data. It decouples data from old systems, making it easily accessible for new applications and business models. This serves as a launching pad for data and analytics. Companies may conceive large, start small, and grow quickly using a data and digital platform since they are not constrained by their IT infrastructure or the rate of its replacement.

Data Services

Data Governance

Data governance is a set of guidelines and procedures that guarantees high quality for your data throughout its entire lifecycle. Our services will ensure all your data is carefully vetted, neatly arranged, and ready for you to explore the insights.

Data governance means better, leaner, cleaner data, better analytics, better business decisions, better business results, and a better position in the market. Increase in reputation and higher profit margin when properly implemented.

  • Data Governance
  • Data Profiling & Lineage
  • Data Quality Master Data Management (MDM)
  • Data Security & Privacy Management

Data Services

Data Consulting

Every business is different. Perhaps your organization is struggling to be completely in the cloud or maybe you’re looking for multi-touch attribution driven by Machine Learning to give your company an edge over the competition. At Right Skale, our industry-leading experts understand each client’s unique challenges and give the right answers to make change happen. We empower our clients to develop and extend their own capabilities by combining data and analytics consulting teams with specialized skills.

Our expert teams deliver end-to-end solutions that include,

  • Strategy & roadmap
  • Proof of concepts
  • Analytics use cases
  • Tools evaluation and rationalization

Data Services

Data Engineering

Data engineering is a set of operations aimed at creating interfaces and mechanisms for the flow and access of information. It takes dedicated specialists – data engineers – to maintain data so that it remains available and usable by others.

The path of data and analytics requires a comprehensive set of skills. Utilizing a global network of industry, functional, and technical specialists is one of the defining characteristics of our data and analytics strategy work. The services we offer,

  • ETL and EDW Implementation
  • NoSQL Databases
  • Data Integration
  • Business Intelligence
  • Advanced-Data Visualization

Data Services

AI/ML Ecosystem

Data science deals with pre-processing analysis, prediction, and visualization, whereas AI and ML refer to the implementation of various predictive models that help in foreseeing data-based events.

AI analytics and Machine learning tools will bring value to routine activities like deleting redundant data, filling in dataset gaps, and warning human engineers of irregularities. These algorithms can support committed data engineers as they take on challenging problems that will ultimately result in bigger returns for the organization by doing the labor-intensive tasks that humans don’t really want to undertake. Our wide range of services that help you to level up your business that includes,

  • Data Exploratory Analysis
  • Data Preparation
  • Analytical Modelling
  • MLOps

Data Services

New Data lakes

Right Skale understands the requirements of your company and expands your core team to ensure a faster and more successful project. We delve into your business to understand your unique technology stack and needs and deliver the best way to take your business further.

A data lake is a central storage repository that holds big data from many sources in a raw, granular format. It can store structured, semi-structured, or unstructured data, which means data can be kept in a more flexible format for future use. When storing data, a data lake associates it with identifiers and metadata tags for faster retrieval. Our tailor-made services include,

  • Big Data Integration
  • Data Warehouse
  • Data Lake builds on the cloud
  • Data Migration to Cloud